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Creative Contact
Creative Contact Furniture provides furniture for casinos. The store offers a wide array of superior quality furniture and styles from Italy and Europe at affordable costs. Whether small or large establishments, Creative Contact supplies furniture to all areas of the industry, one of which is casinos. Check out the newest range of furniture for the year 2012!
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Pinnacle Furnishing
Pinnacle Furnishing was established in 1995 in North Carolina, and specializes in custom made casino furniture for your home and business. The team behind Pinnacle has more than two decades of experience in designing gaming furniture, made from high density molded foam.
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Jays Furniture Products
Jays Furniture Products, based in the US, are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of custom commercial furniture. They specialise in seating for restaurants but also manufacture custom seating for casinos. Their seats can be covered in vinyl, fabric or leather and they also build tables, check their site for more details.
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Casino & Home Gambling Furniture
Check out the Casinocom website for a whole range of different casino furniture for use in casinos or in the home. They supply and ship in the US and offer a full money back guarantee if not satisfied. On their website you will find examples of the kind of furniture they offer including poker chairs, blackjack and roulette stools, slot machine tools and more.
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Game Room Antiques
If you are looking for a special piece of casino furniture to put in your gaming room take a look at the Game Room Antiques website, they build and refurbish antique gambling tables in Washington and ship them around the country. They have a wide range of tables and chairs for playing poker, roulette and blackjack, check out their site for photos and descriptions of the casino furniture that they supply.
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Prestige Seating Technology
If you are looking for quality furniture for a casino, Prestige Seating Technology offer just that. They manufacture and supply chromium and brass plated metal furniture which are used in casinos, nightclubs, bars and other locations all over the world. They even manufacture bespoke furniture to customers specific requirements, check their website to see their latest brochure.
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Black Dog Leisure
Black Dog Leisure are situated in the UK in Hertfordshire and they design, manufacture and supply professional casino furniture and supplies worldwide. They have a wide range of blackjack tables, card tables, craps tables, poker tables, roulette tables, tournament tables, Texas Hold'em tables and more for licensed casinos and for the home and also supply bespoke furniture with custom designs and logos.
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Tri Fecta Gaming USA
Tri Fecta Gaming USA manufacture, design, supply and install all the furniture requirements for land based casinos around the globe. From your wagering tables, slot bases, pit boss stands, teller counters and more, see their full range of furniture supplies on their website.
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TCS John Huxley
TCS John Huxley has an exclusive selection of casino equipment including casino tables, gaming floor live, gaming wheels, electronic gaming products and much more. As an award winning casino equipment supplier, TCS John Huxley offers the best quality equipment at competitive prices. This is when tradition meets technology at its best. Browse through the list for further info.
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Rye Park Gaming
Rye Park Gaming is a leading casino equipment supplier and manufacturer. A full service gaming supply company, Rye Park has an extensive range of products including furniture, tables, layouts, casino chairs, stools and casino accessories. Casino furniture has been designed to withstand around the clock visitor environment. It is highly durable, yet elegant.
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Martin Williams Casino Equipment
Martin Williams Casino Equipment is a leading supplier of equipment and accessories in the casino industry. With over a decade of experience, Martin Williams offers an extensive selection of equipment including furniture, tables, wheels, chips, playing cards and casino layouts to more than 500 casinos in 20 countries.
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David Edward
David Edward was established in 1963 and has since manufactured high quality furniture at competitive prices. 300 craftsmen use traditiona methods to produce high quality furniture according to in-house designs or custom made. Furniture From David Edward can be used in personal home casinos and private casinos. Take a look at the attractive selection of furniture available on the website.
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American Gaming Supply
American Gaming Supply is a leading supplier of casino equipment, gear and accessories. Located in Los Angeles there is a wide selection of custom tables, poker chairs and other casino furniture. Also, rentals for casino parties, Las Vegas themes and casino nights are undertaken by American Gaming Supply. All products are of the highest quality and the supplier ensures affordability.
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DVHA Hospitality
DVHA Hospitality offers the complete solution for providing furniture for casinos, resorts, hotels, clubs, convention centers, restaurants and the hospitality industry in general. The company keeps adding new in-house designs and contemporary products which are manufactured by highly skilled professionals who are enthusiastic about their work.
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Karo Furniture
Karo Furniture is a chairs manufacturer of casino chairs ensuring high quality seating solutions for everyone. Karo guarantees customer satisfaction and has earned a reputation as a leading chair supplier in South Africa. Chairs produced by the company are known to be stylish, modern and anatomically correct products surpassing even the highest quality.
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Baja Group
The Baja Group are manufacturers and suppliers of furniture for casinos and hotels. Furniture is produced at reasonable costs and is a supplier of casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility covers 80,000 square foot and specializes in high volume interior fixture and furniture created with high quality American material. Baja was set up over a decade ago and has done years of work for the gaming industry in Nevada.
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Davids Collection Inc
David's Collection Inc is your global source for casino furniture, featuring high quality, durable furniture including casino seating, bar stools, poker chairs, banquette chairs and more. David's Collection is a leading furniture and furnishing supplier worldwide, and is suitable to use to furnish private and home based casinos. The products at David's ensure excellent quality combined with top notch customer service!
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Gaming Partners International
Gaming Partners International is a premier provider of casino gaming equipment and accessories. A worldwide supplier with offices and manufacturing facilities, Gaming Partners is located in a number of regions in America, Asia and Europe. The company directly manufactures high quality gaming equipment, amongst them casino furniture. Gaming Partners supply custom built, hand crafted furniture and gaming tables to casinos across the world, ensuring superior designs and high quality material.
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Poker Table Suppliers
For all your poker table requirements including beautiful handmade oval and round poker tables that seat 8 - 10 players take a look at the AGS website where they supply exactly that and a whole lot more besides including chairs, hardware and tops. With free shipping on all poker tables, see what they have to offer by visiting their online shop.
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